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The challenge!

Choose a Hogwarts house and one of the traits listed below (taken from the three sorting hat songs in canon), then write a character-centric fic exploring that trait, preferably taking it to some extreme and/or infrequently seen version of itself. Write about alternate views on both the positive and negative aspects of each of the four houses, and don't shy away from showing how what is canonically seen as a virtue may be a tragic flaw (or, in the case of Slytherin House, the flaws as heroic virtues.) Above all, have fun.

Stories written with characters from Harry's generation should have canon characters as their central focus. If you would like to write about any other time period (Founders Fic, MWPP, victorian era, whatever) feel free to create an OC or use characters mentioned in canon from that period. If you have a preexisting OC from Harry's generation and would like to answer your challenge using them email your request to me and a link to at least one story featuring them and your request will be approved.

If you accept the challenge, leave a comment here with the house and trait you have chosen, and the character you plan to use. People are allowed to use the same anything as other writers, we just want to get some idea of how many and what fics will be coming in, and some writers may want to try and choose things that haven't been chosen.

Fics may be slash, het, or gen, any rating and must be at least 500 words long, with no maximum length. Once it has been written post it here on the community, leave a note telling me if I have your permission to archive them on the website that will be set up eventually, and email a copy of the story (preferably in .html format, but .doc and .txt are also acceptable) to me at nightmare_poet@yahoo.com.

The challenge begins today and ends September 15st, 2003.



Unafraid of toil
Hard workers

Ready mind
Sharp mind

Uses any means

Thanks go out to the people who helped me finalize this, evil_erato, jlh, ladylisse, nothingbutfic, and tromboneborges
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Is it all right if more than one submission is made? This challenge has me thinking far too much and I might possibly have concretish ideas for two of the houses already :)
Yes, multiple submissions may be made.

Have fun with it is really my only caveat. *grin*
I'll take Cho Chang, in Ravenclaw, with intelligence and a sharp mind. Cool idea. And is it okay to load the fic on other websites or just yours.
You can upload them anywhere. :) Glad to have the response, sorry I'm so late in getting back to you.
Cicero, I just finished writing a fic! That was my quota for the year! Grr... ;)

Cedic Diggory, 'Puff, hard working-ish and loyalty
Should put my own here...

Terry Boot, Ravenclaw, Learning
Whee, I wrote another one.

Cho, Ravenclaw, Intelligence.