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The Four Houses Fatal Flaws Fic Challenge's Journal
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in The Four Houses Fatal Flaws Fic Challenge's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003
9:32 pm
I have too much time on my hands.
Cho stormed up to her tower room, cursing. "THREE points higher! THREE! That's like, ten minutes of studying! Why didn't I study last year? Why?!?"

Again, Hermione had beaten her record for the year. "Stupid, ugly mudblood!" She muttered viciously, conveniently forgetting that her best friend was muggle-born and that she had nothing against non-magical people at all. Being caught up in the heat of the moment did have its benefits.

Every year it was the same. Every year, Cho would predictably set a new school record, and the next year, that Granger would predictably top it. Never by a lot, but just enough. Just enough that Cho's name got taken off the shiny trophy. Just enough that, on the hanging wall plaque that should have had mostly Cho's name, maybe with a touch of James Potter, an Albus Dumbledore or two, and the odd Minerva McGonagall in Transfiguration, it currently read "Hermione Granger" in every subject (even Divination! She wasn't even taking the stupid subject, was she?!?), from first through fifth year. Cho's name all but swept the sixth year; however, she knew that it would be gone soon enough. Then, Cho would swear forwards and backwards to study next year (which never happened).

It wasn't that Hermione was smarter than Cho- far from it. She was an absolute moron by Ravenclaw standards. It was just that the little pest was always studying! Didn't she have a life? Everyone was always going on and on about how Granger would have made a wonderful Ravenclaw. Ha. She wouldn't have survived a week. They would have burned her textbooks and made her read something interesting. Boot had a Tolkien fix at the moment; he'd probably enjoy shoving them down her throat.

People didn't study in Ravenclaw. It just wasn't done. It was the main reason no one outside of their House ever really understood Ravenclaws. They were all too smart for their own good; every last bloody one of them. Ravenclaws were naturally brilliant, while Granger just studied too much. Cho hadn't picked up a textbook outside of a classroom in about� was it six years? And none of the other Houses noticed. They saw Ravenclaws as the smart ones, and assumed that they studied their brains off. The Ravenclaws had just never bothered to correct the misconception.

They walked around with their noses in science fiction books, or arguing about the meaning of magic. Could they help if everyone assumed they were reading up on the latest charms, or reading ahead in Potions? It helped them get away when the masses were getting too stupid- "Sorry, I've got homework to do." Yeah, right. Everyone did their homework in class, if they did it at all.

Ravenclaw was a very tightly knitted House. There were biweekly debates, usually taking place on the metaphysical couch, as some 'Claw of old had dubbed it during a rather impassioned speech. Just because they didn't study school didn't mean they weren't up to date with current events! Why, just last week the whole House had roared with laughter when Michael Corner had done his Fudge impression. "No, no, Voldemort isn't back! Whoever told you that is a very bad man and should be sent to his room with no supp- Oh, hello, Professor Dumbledore! I was just telling these lovely people what an excellent teacher you are!"

The 'crazy' hand motions hadn't helped much, really.

But what only the Ravenclaws understood is that Granger wasn't a Ravenclaw because Ravenclaws don't try.
Friday, August 29th, 2003
4:00 pm
I figured, I could go the easy way, and write some more dark!Hufflepuff stuff, but this is supposed to be a challenge. So, Ravenclaw. I don't understand Ravenclaws. I like them, I just don't understand them. Now I understand them a little better.

Disclaimer: not mine
Rating: PG
Summary: If you just keep looking, maybe you'll find what you need.
Title: ResearchCollapse )
Monday, July 28th, 2003
9:11 am
First, hoorah! We've got our first answer to the challenge. Everyone should read shannon_sue's Determination, just one entry down.

Secondly, a pair of questions was brought up and it seems they should be answered out here where everyone who's interested can see them.

-Yes, you can write multiple entries. We're not going to stop you from exercising your muses and we'd love to see all the results.
-Yes, you can post the stories to your own sites, other sites (like FA), or anywhere else you want. Just put a copy on the community LJ too, and let me know if I can archive them once I get the challenge website up and running.

Cheers all, and good luck with the writing!
Sunday, July 27th, 2003
10:33 pm
Cedric walked into his Common Room at the end of the day, walked up to his room- almost running the last few steps- and burst in through the door of his dorm room. He slammed the door shut and flopped on his bed, the tears already starting to flow.

He allowed himself the luxury of tears for a couple of minutes, then sniffed and settled down to his homework. He knew he wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight; the load was just too great.

Cedric was what the Slytherins would have called a 'dumb jock', the Gryffindors 'slow', the Ravenclaws, if they deigned speak to people as stupid as he, an 'idiot'. The Hufflepuffs called him a friend. And they helped him keep the other Houses from ever finding out he was a slow, idiotic dumb jock.

He had problems understanding things. Often, he never really got them- like Arithmancy. His father, of course, expected him to take all the toughest courses, and maintain an extremely respectable average. And Cedric wanted to please his father more than anything in the world. So, he did everything that was expected of him, forsaking friendships, girlfriends, hobbies, even sleep. And so, he struggled through every Arithmancy problem, studied herbs for hours for Herbology, pulled all-nighters going over potions ingredients.

And so, his father approved. He had one of the highest averages in his class, and he was the most miserable Hufflepuff ever. His fellow Housemates knew this, and tried to help. But all of them knew the only thing that would help was Outside help, and Cedric had asked them not to go Outside with his problems. Hufflepuff was the 'wimp' House, the one everyone else picked on, and to them, every non-'Puff was 'Outside'. Even graduated Hufflepuffs had assimilated into the Outside world, and were not Inside any more. So they helped in little ways, drawing him up review sheets, bringing him food, trying to explain things to him. Cedric was the Golden Boy of Hufflepuff- but the Outsiders said it for a different reason than the Insiders. The others only knew he was smart, athletic, driven- but the 'Puffs, his Housemates, knew he exemplified Hufflepuff- he worked hard- non-stop, in fact. He was loyal to his father, to a fault (though none of them would tell him that).

But still, his father was not pleased enough, did not love Cedric the way he wanted to be loved. So Cedric signed up for the Tri-Wizard Tournament. And was chosen. How could he not be? He was Hufflepuff's Golden Boy, and people expected nothing less. And he cried as long as he could, for he knew he was whittling away his childhood. He knew he would stay up even later, studying for the Tournament, trying not to fail; just as he knew there would be other Hufflepuffs there with him, helping. Not for the glory of their House, not for the points, or any of the nonsense he was sure a Slytherin would have cared about, but because he was a Hufflepuff, and he was in need- and he was one of them.
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003
5:46 pm
The challenge!
Choose a Hogwarts house and one of the traits listed below (taken from the three sorting hat songs in canon), then write a character-centric fic exploring that trait, preferably taking it to some extreme and/or infrequently seen version of itself. Write about alternate views on both the positive and negative aspects of each of the four houses, and don't shy away from showing how what is canonically seen as a virtue may be a tragic flaw (or, in the case of Slytherin House, the flaws as heroic virtues.) Above all, have fun.

Stories written with characters from Harry's generation should have canon characters as their central focus. If you would like to write about any other time period (Founders Fic, MWPP, victorian era, whatever) feel free to create an OC or use characters mentioned in canon from that period. If you have a preexisting OC from Harry's generation and would like to answer your challenge using them email your request to me and a link to at least one story featuring them and your request will be approved.

If you accept the challenge, leave a comment here with the house and trait you have chosen, and the character you plan to use. People are allowed to use the same anything as other writers, we just want to get some idea of how many and what fics will be coming in, and some writers may want to try and choose things that haven't been chosen.

Fics may be slash, het, or gen, any rating and must be at least 500 words long, with no maximum length. Once it has been written post it here on the community, leave a note telling me if I have your permission to archive them on the website that will be set up eventually, and email a copy of the story (preferably in .html format, but .doc and .txt are also acceptable) to me at nightmare_poet@yahoo.com.

The challenge begins today and ends September 15st, 2003.



Unafraid of toil
Hard workers

Ready mind
Sharp mind

Uses any means

Thanks go out to the people who helped me finalize this, evil_erato, jlh, ladylisse, nothingbutfic, and tromboneborges

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